An Ecstatic Evening at Rannaghar Zee Bangla

On the auspicious occasion of Vishwakarma Puja, our founder Mrs. Sumana Gupta appeared on the popular cooking show on Zee Bangla Rannaghar hosted by Sudipa.

Though Mrs. Gupta loves to cook, her passion for Ecstatic Leather Bags and the core values of the brand took us to such a reputable platform. Our brand thrives on its craftsmen and we are proud that their work reached out to thousands of viewers on the episode day.

We informed Sudipa of our brand, and if you missed you lets give you a little summary:

Ecstatic Leather Bags, is a brand by Ciria Tanning Company which manufactures and exports leather goods out of their factory at Kolkata Leather Complex near Bantala to brands all over the globe. We design and manufacture leather bags like handbags, wallets, mobile cases and for use case possible including card holders, accessory holders. Ecstatic being an offshoot of Cira Tanning concentrates on the Indian Market where we strive to bring in best quality leather bags for our home audience.

Our factory at Bantala Leather Complex employs 100+ craftsmen and on the eve of Vishwakarma Puja we get together to seek blessings from the divine architect so we can bring to you the best designs with quality leather.

The Ecstatic Family – At our Facility in Leather Complex

Ecstatic Bags are specially crafted to pamper the required comfort and are spiritedly designed to suit your desire. There’s an ecstatic look waiting for you on every occasion, all you need is to flaunt it. Being trendsetters, we developed mere ideas into designs and remained your trusted partner for decades and we do not plan to stop anytime soon.

At Ecstatic, we have always treasured the love and support you showered on us. Your valuable feedbacks have guided and motivated us to do better at every new step. While we keep working again to keep the gap close between desirable and affordable, here’s a little sneak peek into something you all will definitely love.

Watch the episode here on Zee5.