HandPainted Leather HandBags are the newest trend!

The way hand-painted leather is created makes them one-of-a-kind. Hand Painted leather is a beautiful thing. It’s not just for adults, either. You can find versions of it for kids too. India’s artwork is widely known around the world for its beauty and when genuine leather is hand-painted it carries the work of so many artists working together.

What is Hand-Painted Leather?

Hand Painted leather is a form of cowhide that has been hand-embellished with different designs. There are several types of handcrafted leather products. The most common of these is hand-embellished leather. There are also several methods used to produce hand-painted leather, but all of them start with a piece of rawhide that has been cured and then dried. After this, the animal’s skin is sanded down until it’s thin enough to apply designs to without damaging the surface too much.

Next, an artist will take a brush or roller and add colours using vegetable dyes. The designs are then hand-painted with either brushes or roller to create the different patterns on the leather. This process takes time and effort but is well worth it in the end because of how unique each piece will be when finished. Our skilled artisans start with a blank canvas of natural leather and apply the colour in stages by hand to produce a deep, rich, and unique tarnish.

With new styles appearing every season, new techniques to determine your utilities, collaboration with fashion, and now even the opportunity to customise your bags from the comfort of your own home, the fashion industry is forever evolving. The Indian fashion industry is one of the most flourishing and it offers huge opportunities for those who wish to join.

As we know, designing clothes has always been a passion for us Indians and that can be seen in our love for crafts like handicrafts and hand embroidery. This also translates into how much we love leather as well – from bag making to shoes, purses, or even bags!

Painted Handbags are one of the newest trends sweeping the accessory industry this season.

All our products are handmade, and our processes are built to be sustainable and eco-friendly. The entire process of drawing on the leather is done by hand with our craftsmen at the Kolkata Leather Complex Facility.
Our workshop enables our artisans to use all their skills and expertise to create stunning products. From the selection of leather to painting on it, our craftsmen have complete control over their quality. This helps us to ensure that every product is made from only high-quality materials and has a rich finish.

Ecstatic Leather Bags is a leading manufacturer of hand-painted bags and is a great way to add colour and character to your style. These bags are made from leathers that have been hand-dyed using natural colours. The leather can be brought out with some light sanding and polishing before they are finished off with painting.